Homes for Sale in Cascade Park

Homes for Sale in Cascade Park, Clark County

In the 1880s, Cascade Park specialized in prune production. Farmers expanded from the Fisher’s Landing neighborhood into what would later become Cascade Park, developing huge prune farms near Mill Plain until the 1990s. Now, nestled among residential areas are parks and local businesses, and nature meets economics in this growing suburban neighborhood. The crowning jewel of Cascade Park rests with its ideal location. It overlooks the sandy shores of the Columbia River, with views of Government Island glinting in the distance; you can make a trip into downtown Portland from Cascade Park in about 15 miles. The neighborhood sits about 10 miles to the east of downtown Vancouver. People commute every day from this neighborhood to jobs in Portland and downtown Vancouver. You won’t find a boisterous nightlife in Cascade Park, but you’ll discover quality eateries and superb live music. The suburban nature of this neighborhood gives it a quiet spirit, yet people come from all over Vancouver and Portland to experience Cascade Park’s bars and restaurants.

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